Prolenc Drilling Parts
Machined using OKUMA precision

Prolenc Manufacturing Inc. supplies Aftermarket drilling parts for Chuck & Clamp assemblies and Down Hole tools. Precision machining of High Alloy materials and metal hardening of high wear parts are our specialty. We strive to provide Best Quality- Best Prices and have the knowledge to ship parts anywhere, Worldwide.

Please contact us for Prices, Availability and for items you may require that are not listed.

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Spindle-Drive Tube

PROLENC: D2920302

ATLAS COPCO: 3760002035

Top Cap Adaptor

MiRoW: 18100167

Top Cap Holder

MiRoW: 18100168

PROLENC:  D18100168

ATLAS COPCO: 3760007555

ATLAS COPCO: 3760007557

1/8NPT Grease Fitting

ATLAS COPCO: 544262100

1/4-28 Straight Grease Fitting

ATLAS COPCO: 544110007

Slotted Bowl

MiRoW: 18100169

P Clamp Cylinder Piston

MiRoW: 18100171

Bottom Cap

MiRoW: 18100172

Jaw Set B Rod

MiRoW: 18100174/p>

Jaw Set B Casing

MiRoW: 18100175

Jaw Set N Rod

MiRoW: 18100176

Jaw Set H Rod - N Casing

MiRoW: 18100177

Jaw Set P Rod - H Casing

MiRoW: 18100178

Oring P Clamp

MiRoW: 18100191

Oring P Clamp

MiRoW: 18100192

ATLAS COPCO: 376000208

Oring P Clamp

MiRoW: 18100200

P Clamp Top Spacer

MiRoW: 18100202