Prolenc's Story

Prolenc Manufacturing Inc,

Our CNC Machine Shop has been in business since the early 1990's, is diverse, modernized and is a locally owned and operated family business.  Prolenc manufactures and distributes our Patented Snubber Brake Link for logging machines, Recycling Cranes and most free swinging attachments.  We recognized a strong market in the mining exploration sector for Coring and manufacture our own drill heads, hydraulic clamps and quality spare parts.  Prolenc follows established designs and has added our own improvements.  We pay attention to market demands and are always looking for ways to make our products better, stronger and affordable. Along with manufacturing our Snubbers, drill heads and spare parts, we also provide custom parts machining and specialize in multiples for custom parts, meaning larger quantities have better prices.  Our Machinists have been with us since the beginning and with their combined experience, there is not much we can't take on. 

We are also the Western Canadian importer for ExTe Fabriks AB, from central Sweden.  ExTe origins date to 1897 and is the world's oldest builder of Timber Bunks.  ExTe are Industry Leaders in logging and trailer bunks, automated air winches and load lashing equipment.   

Everyone here at Prolenc is experienced and well versed with our products and services.  If we don't have an answer to a question, we will find it and help you out.  We are also Customs experts and ship worldwide.  So, wherever you are, if you need it, we will get it there.


September 30,1996 - Kevin Hodgins & Chuck Maclennan purchase the recently issued US & Canadian Patents for the Benco Snubber. It is a unique product based on a simple tapered friction sleeve design invented by Ben Beaulieu in 1989, a local skidding contractor from Prince George, BC. Manufactured & distributed thru Quadco Equipment as the Quadco Snubber it was introduced to the North American market. 

June 1997 - the Snubber is introduced at Elmia Wood Trade Show in Sweden. Compact brake links are designed during 1998-99 for Scandinavian cut to length machines and grapples, broadening the applications. Patents are applied for and subsequently issued for the new designs in Sweden, Finland, USA & Canada. It is marketed in Sweden as "PROLENC" and the trade name is adopted by Quadco for the full marketing of the product.

June 2007 - Purchase of TJ Machine which brings CNC machining of the snubber designs in-house to Quadco in Prince George,BC. With extra available machining hours, wear parts and spares for Exploration Core Drilling for the mining industry begin in the PG shop.

2009 - Prolenc is split from Quadco and becomes it's own entity after the fall out from the 2008 recession. 

2011 - Kevin Hodgins becomes sole owner of Prolenc Manufacturing Inc.

2012 - ExTe Timber Bunks are added to the product offering, new designs are developed by ExTe and introduced by Prolenc to the Western Canadian Market for Short Wood Log Trucks. Designed & manufactured  by ExTe in Farila, central Sweden, they feature unique modular designs and best weight to payload advantages. Components are Laser cut from High Strength Swedish Steel, Robotically welded and finished with an automated Powder Paint process.

2015 - Prolenc introduces it's version of a complete B20 Core Drill Head at the AME Trade show in Vancouver, BC and becomes established in the core drilling industry as a complete Drill Head supplier in addition to it's quality spare parts program.

2019 - Prolenc introduces an innovative manual Load Binder with a longer off set handle which allows easier closing with more closing force and prevents hand pinching.  A large 1" handle ball stops hand slipping off when closing. Painted "Safety Green" for easy identification. Canadian Product Design Protection is issued, March 2020.

2020 - Prolenc exhibits at PDAC trade show in Toronto to promote its core drilling products to the world market.

2021 - Prolenc moved to a brand new building and doubled it's size!