Right here in Prince George!

We are excited to reveal our new B20 Drill Head with 12HH Chuck and "P" Clamp assembly.

Manufactured and distributed Worldwide by Prolenc Manufacturing Inc.

We have been manufacturing and supplying our customers, local and international, with high quality after-market drill head and downhole parts for years.

We have paid attention and we have observed market demands. We use only high quality materials and offer exceptional workmanship. We can proudly say our new drill head and the parts we provide are exactly what our customers have come to expect and of course demand.

Be ready... give us a call to discuss prices and lead time on the drill head.

» Permanent Solution

» 250 Series Snubber

PROLENC® Manufacturing Inc. introduces its’ new, patent pending 250 series Brake Link. Designed to integrate with 5 to 8 ton class rotators offered by Finnrotor, Baltrotor and others in this weight class it features Prolenc’s unique, simple, tapered friction sleeve design. Externally mounted and integrated on the link, it offers easy access for periodic tension adjustments and serviceability. The link is single or double dampening and also available as individual units to adapt to the wide variety of linkages and crane tips available worldwide.

Ideal for smaller thinning harvesters and free swinging biomass heads as well as loading grapples the 250 series allows Prolenc to now offer a full complement of brake links and dampeners for all attachments up to 2000 Kgs or 4400 Lbs. Long proven in many applications with over 20 years of experience, the patented tapered design provides only 1 wear part available in a self lubricating composite material or a grease lubricated, zinc based material maintained by the operator daily as other service points on the machine. Robust holding power and far fewer moving wear parts result in a very low cost per hour and less maintenance than offered by traditional flat disc type systems.

» We Sell ExTe Bunks!


"ExTe is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cargo securing equipment for the transportation of timber by road. Daring to think along new lines and finding new solutions for our customers is part of the soul in ExTe. Successful product development depends greatly on our ability to listen and respond to the ideas and views of hauliers and drivers. Our products must offer the highest level of operational and technical safety to cope with the extremely tough conditions that the transportation of timber involves." - ExTe.se

» Prolenc Custom Shop

Not only do we provide the best product for the forestry and drilling industries but we are also a fully integrated custom machine shop complete with Okuma CNC machinery. If you are looking for a machine shop to manufacture your product(s) then please give us a call. We look forward to doing business with you.

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