» NEW ExTe Trailer Bunks

We sell the new ExTe "S12" series of bunks for your trailers and timber hauling needs. These are specifically designed for the British Columbia and Alberta markets. They feature all steel, light-weight construction rated 12 tons capacity per bunk assembly.

S12 are one piece stakes. S12-F are a 2-piece, folding design, spring-loaded with a cam mechanism for easy lowering of the extension. When folded, they do not require chains or cables to hold into transport position. Bunks are band clamped to the trailer rail allowing for various rail widths. Bunk rail mounts are not welded which eliminates weld cracking and failure as experienced by other methods.

The datasheets for each one are listed below and can be viewed in PDF format by clicking the corresponding link.

ExTe Features

  • Engineered with Swedish Steel for long life and Maximum Payload
  • Bunk widths 8’6’ thru 10’6” & Extendable
  • Spring loaded over centre folding design does not require chains or cables to retain extension in transport position
  • Lubricated hinge pin on folding extension
  • Bolted bunk Band Clamps allow any frame rail width with easy bunk repositioning for all log lengths
  • Durable factory Powder Coated paint
  • 8’6” bunk & 1 piece Steel stakes = 449 Lbs per assembly on the lead bundle for a “B” train
  • 8’6” bunk & folding Steel stakes = 504 Lbs per assembly including Clamping Attachments
  • Stake is separate from bunk with rubber dampeners & drawn into bunk pocket = economical replacement due to loader damage or in the event of a wreck
  • PROLENC Bunk risers available in any height to match various trailer styles
  • Aluminum 1 piece stakes available with E12 Steel Bolster
  • Assemblies and spares stocked in Prince George for fast delivery & Product Support
  • Factory order option with Magnum Trailer
  • Luftman Tensioners

    An air winch design for constant tension of the holding strap and auto-winding when the strap is released from the load.

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