Prolenc Drilling Parts

Prolenc Manufacturing Inc. supplies Aftermarket drilling parts for Chuck & Clamp assemblies and Down Hole tools. Precision machining of High Alloy materials and metal hardening of high wear parts are our specialty. We strive to provide Best Quality- Best Prices and have the knowledge to ship parts anywhere, Worldwide. Please contact us for Prices, Availability and for items you may require that are not listed.

Right here in Prince George!

We are excited to reveal our new B20 Drill Head with 12HH Chuck and "P" Clamp assembly.

Manufactured and distributed Worldwide by Prolenc Manufacturing Inc.

We have been manufacturing and supplying our customers, local and international, with high quality after-market drill head and downhole parts for years.

We have paid attention and we have observed market demands. We use only high quality materials and offer exceptional workmanship. We can proudly say our new drill head and the parts we provide are exactly what our customers have come to expect and of course demand.

Be ready... give us a call to discuss prices and lead time on the drill head.

Jaw Set Re-life Program!


We can take your used, worn out, jaw sets and refurbish them with new inserts. Our inserts are the best in the business. With a price that can't be beat, we offer you this service with a fast turn-around starting at $195 CAD per jaw set. Contact us for more details and exact pricing.

The following are 12HH & P Clamp and Chuck Parts

Chuck Bowls 12HH 12.5 Degree
2920309, 3760002071, 18100067
Chuck Bowls 12HH 7 Degree 3506872, 20237
Chuck Cylinder Pistons 12HH
3506908, 3760002524, 18100023
Top Cap Adaptor 12HH
3506907,3760002523, 18100071
Actuator Sleeve 12HH
3506928,3760002532, 18100123
Chuck Bowl Spacers 12HH
Top Cap Holder 12HH
3506906, 3760002522, 18100122
Hydra Core Clamp Jaws, with or without Carbide Inserts
JKS Boyles Style 6052009P, Longyear Style 29588P, Christensen Style 3760009058P
Clamp Cylinder Barrels 12HH
3506909, 3760002525, 18100024,2920332, 18100052
Clamp Pistons 12HH
2920331, 18100151,
"P" 18100171

B20 Parts

B15 B20 Drill Head Clamp Seal Rings Induction Hardened - Chrome Plated
2915242, 18100310, 2920308, 18100296
2920302 Spindle & 3506006 Spindle Nut

The following are DownHole Parts BQ, BQKT,BTW, NQ, NQ2, NTW, HQ

BQ 24331, NQ 24886
Latch Bodies
BQ 3541621, NQ 3541778
Latch retracting Case
BQ 3541617, NQ 306455
Lower Latch Bodies
BQ 306578, NQ 306008
BTW Core Lifters & Cases
12-23-331, 12-23-333
Landing Shoulders
BTW 3546215, BQ 306421,
BQKT 306437, NQ 306009,
NQ2 306026, NTW 3546220
Spindle Bearings
"B" 24336, "N" 24889
Tube Caps
BQTK 53196, BQ 40676, 40655, BTW 12-23-319, NQ 40664, 40677, NQ2 43602,
NTW 12-23-419